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Three Critical Features You Need in a Microsoft 365 Backup and Archive Solution (part 2)

Aug 31,2023 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd

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2. Flexible Recovery
When your Microsoft 365 backup solution gives you flexible recovery options, you’ll have the ability to easily address unanticipated or unconventional recovery requirements. Being able to do so can be particularly important when managing data through changing roles, staff turnover, mergers and acquisitions, and other organizational changes.

Ensuring you have flexible recovery options in your backup solution will give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to provide efficient and effective recovery support for your organization.

Examples of flexible recovery options:
• Restore items, folders, mailboxes, or sites with multi-level recovery—Get your data back, no matter what.
• Reinstate multiple mailboxes in a single operation—Resolve large-scale data loss affecting multiple users.
• Recover data to a preferred location, including cross-tenant recovery/migration (and on-premises Exchange and SharePoint)-Gain flexibility for users who need access to the data, have changed roles, or don’t have access to the original location of the data, such as a tenant-to-tenant migration following a merger or acquisition, or as part of an exit plan from the cloud.

• Apply filters to your recovery—For example, recover an entire mailbox except for its contacts, or recover an entire dataset of OneDrive sites within a specific date range.
• Maybe you don’t need to recover—Access Microsoft 365 accounts when employees leave, or in the case of audits, without having to maintain an active license.

3. Performance And Scalability
You’re already managing increasingly large volumes of data. The cloud makes this process easier and more cost-effective as long as it can accommodate the level of performance and scalability your organization needs as it grows. You need a solution that will allow you to manage your volume of data today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

When it comes to choosing based on performance and scalability, your Microsoft 365 backup solution needs to be able to:
• Scale to petabytes of data and billions of objects.
• Capture data at multiple terabytes per hour.
• Augment incremental backups with continuous data protection.
• Run incremental backups with high frequency, reducing your recovery point objective (RPO)—minimizing the amount of data you could potentially lose.
• Have that same performance for data recovery, reducing your recovery time objective (RTO)—minimizing the amount of time until you recover your data. Making the shift from on-premises storage to the cloud is an investment that needs to be sustainable and usable. That’s why it’s essential for your chosen data protection solution to be able to handle all your needs as they grow or change

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