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Reduce Risks to Your Business

Aug 31,2023 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd

 Let's explore cyberattacks and protection using the resources available in the AddOn IT Library. Discover more about What is Cyber Protection? entails AddOn Systems brings over three decades of industry experience. Feel free to reach out to us for expert consultancy services


The Goal of Cybersecurity  is  to safeguard your data. Becoming the target of a cyberattack is not a matter of if, but when. Malware, ransomware, and now ransomware-as-a-service have evolved into thriving business models. Preparing for a cyberattack can be daunting, but the journey toward protection and recovery doesn't have to be. Explore the essential elements of a successful recovery, which include establishing a robust foundation, utilizing advanced recovery skills, and deploying strategies to automatically minimize the effects of an attack. 

Define Backup Strategy

A comprehensive data protection strategy encompasses the backup of all data types, the secure storage of data, and the recovery of data in the event of various disasters. Your strategy should encompass how you manage data, addressing the following key aspects:

  1. Data Availability: This focuses on ensuring that systems are consistently operational.
  2. Data Durability: This pertains to safeguarding data against corruption and degradation throughout its lifetime.
  3. Data Retention: This deals with policies and compliance regarding where and how long data is stored.

It's crucial to define recovery-related goals, which include the following:

  • Recovery-Point Objectives (RPO): These determine the point in time for data recovery. For instance, do you need to recover data from less than an hour ago or from a week ago?
  • Recovery-Time Objectives (RTO): These specify how quickly you need to be operational again. While tape storage is highly secure, it may take a week to restore data. Is this timeframe acceptable?

An indispensable element of backup is ensuring that data is continuously replicated to another system and undergoes regular testing. Testing is critical for identifying and mitigating any issues related to configuration, software, or equipment that could impede successful data recovery."


It's crucial to safeguard data and systems against both external and internal threats. Reliable encryption, access management, anomaly and malware scanning, and immutability are essential components of your preventive measures.

  • Gain insight into your data assets to develop an understanding of resources, trustworthiness, potential risks, and inherent vulnerabilities.
  • Enhance oversight not only to streamline audit and inspection processes but also to efficiently identify potential risks within your enterprise.
  • Implement anomaly and malware scanning to detect fraudulent transmissions.
  • Establish policies for collecting and retaining system logs from multiple sources for evaluation.


Source: Enterprise Data Cyber Resiliency Guide