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Redefining Collaborative Excellence with Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2 for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Sep 13,2023 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd

In the contemporary realm of corporate endeavors, the quest for efficient, collaborative, and technologically empowered meeting spaces is paramount. The solution lies in the integration of advanced IoT technology, coupled with the transformative capabilities of the Lenovo ThinkHub. Together, these elements pave the way for smart meeting rooms that not only elevate collaboration but also augment productivity, delivering a seamlessly integrated platform for Microsoft Teams video conferencing.


Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Intelligent Presence Detection:

Our state-of-the-art Presence Sensor precisely identifies meeting room occupancy, streamlining the utilization of resources.

Upon entry, the sensor triggers a cascade of automated actions, including the activation of video conferencing solutions.

  1. Smart Lighting and Climate Control:

Upon detecting occupancy, our integrated system optimizes lighting conditions and climate settings to enhance the meeting experience.

When the room is unoccupied, the system automatically reduces energy consumption, fostering eco-conscious practices.

  1. Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2 for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Lenovo ThinkHub seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, offering an immersive and efficient platform for video conferencing and collaboration.

Users can initiate and join Microsoft Teams meetings with a single touch, with access to screen sharing, document collaboration, and more.

  1. Adaptive Acoustic Management:

Our system employs advanced audio technology to ensure crystal-clear audio during video conferences, mitigating background noise and enhancing communication clarity.

  1. Efficient Resource Utilization:

The integration allows for real-time monitoring and allocation of meeting room resources, such as booking schedules, equipment availability, and occupancy status.

  1. Remote Meeting Control:

Through our dedicated mobile application, users can control and schedule meetings, adjust room settings, and even start or end video conferences remotely.

By embracing our Smart Meeting Room solution, you embark on a journey to redefine collaboration within your organization. The integration of IoT technology, coupled with the Lenovo ThinkHub for Microsoft Teams, empowers your meeting rooms to be intelligent, responsive, and fully equipped for seamless collaboration. This not only amplifies productivity but also fosters a culture of eco-consciousness. Our solution offers a holistic approach to meeting room efficiency and elevates your organization's ability to collaborate and innovate effectively. Embrace the future of smart meetings with Lenovo ThinkHub integration and transform your meeting rooms into hubs of collaborative excellence.