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Effortless Employee Offboarding with Microsoft 365

Jan 04,2024 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd

Employee offboarding is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of business management. When not handled correctly, it can cause security risks and lead to inefficient processes. Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive solution to optimize the offboarding process, ensuring data security and swift transitions. 

The Importance of Proper Offboarding 

Security is a must when an employee leaves the company. Without a proper offboarding plan, the security doors can remain open, increasing the risk of departing employees accessing confidential information. Moreover, maintaining data integrity is essential to secure all network data, preventing unauthorized changes, deletions, or forwarding to competitors.  

Proper offboarding can also save your organization thousands of dollars in unused or underused Microsoft licenses. In an analysis of over 5 million users, almost half of all Microsoft 365 licenses are unassigned, inactive, or oversized. 


Microsoft 365 Features Facilitating Smooth Offboarding 

Microsoft 365 makes the offboarding process seamless: 

  • Automated Unsubscription Process: The platform automates critical tasks such as revoking access, resetting passwords, and removing licenses, ensuring a comprehensive and error-free offboarding process. 
  • Switching to Shared Mailbox: An employee's mailbox can be quickly converted into a shared mailbox, facilitating smooth communication transition within the team. 
  • Notification and Confirmation: Automated emails can be sent to confirm the completion of the offboarding process, keeping all relevant parties informed. 


Benefits of Microsoft 365 over Traditional Methods 

  • Enhanced Security: Automating the un-subscription process ensures immediate access revocation, reducing the risk of unauthorized data access. 
  • Time and Cost Savings: Streamlining the process helps save time for the IT department, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks. It also prevents unnecessary expenses on unused licenses. 
  • Data Integrity: Switching the mailbox to a shared mailbox protects data integrity by preventing unauthorized changes, deletions, or forwarding. 





Specific Step-by-Step Process 

  • Log them out: Ensure the departing employee is logged out. 
  • Save Mailbox Contents: Preserve mailbox content to prevent data loss. 
  • Forward or Convert: Forward emails or convert the mailbox to a shared drive. 
  • Wipe and Block Mobile Devices: Erase data from mobile devices and block access. 
  • Block Office 365 Data Access: Restrict access to Office 365 data. 
  • Move OneDrive Content: Transfer all OneDrive content to a designated location. 
  • Remove and Delete License: Revoke the Microsoft 365 license to save costs and restrict access. 
  • Delete User Account: Permanently delete the user account to terminate all associated privileges. 



Microsoft 365 offboarding (or onboarding, for that matter) doesn't have to be stressful or complicated. By tailoring and automating specific workflows for your organization, you can perfect the process, reduce the time it takes, and save money - all at the same time. 

If you're ready to simplify IT management with custom workflows and automation, we are here to help you boost your productivity. For a detailed look at how you can automate Microsoft 365 onboarding/offboarding and optimize your workplace, contact us today for personalized guidance. 


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