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Discovering What's New in Microsoft Teams

Dec 25,2023 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd

Microsoft Teams, a cornerstone of collaboration, has recently undergone significant enhancements. Let's dive into some of the key updates introduced in October 2023, bringing fresh capabilities and improvements to your Teams experience.  


Webinars and On-Demand Recording: The introduction of webinars in Microsoft Teams takes collaboration to a new level. Once a webinar concludes, organizers can seamlessly publish the recording and automatically notify attendees with a link for on-demand viewing. This feature streamlines the post-event experience, making it convenient for participants to access recorded content. 


Shared Calling with Teams Phone: Teams Phone now offers shared calling, allowing administrators to enable groups of users to make and receive PSTN calls using a shared phone number and calling plan. This feature provides a flexible alternative for users who connect with external contacts less frequently. Shared calling comes with the full suite of Teams Phone features and is accessible to users with a Teams Phone license through either E5 or Teams Phone Standard.  


Expanded Channel Capacity: Teams now supports the creation of up to 1,000 standard or shared channels within both new and existing teams. This enhancement ensures that teams can organize their work efficiently, with a dedicated channel for every project or topic. Private channel support will be available in the future, offering even more flexibility in team collaboration.  


Cross-Cloud Guest Access and Authenticated Meetings: Microsoft is extending guest access functionality, allowing participants from different tenants across Microsoft clouds to engage in rich collaboration experiences. This includes participation in chat, meetings, channels, and teams. Cross Cloud Authenticated Meetings enable users to join meetings hosted in another Microsoft cloud while signed into their account in their home tenant, ensuring secure participation without the need for tenant switching.  


Enhancements in Video Clip Messages: Building on the ability to record and send video clip messages, Teams now offers additional features. Users can blur their background, record their screen, and send audio-only clips in both one-on-one and group chats, adding versatility to communication.  


Formatting Text in Tasks for Frontline Workers: For frontline organizations, Teams now supports rich text notes for Planner tasks. This allows users to paste formatted content, apply styling such as bold or italic, and use common keyboard shortcuts. This update enhances the task creation process, enabling clearer communication in frontline workflows.  

The new version of Microsoft Teams comes with a variety of additional enhancements. Leveraging the features that align with your specific needs can greatly benefit your business. We are fully capable of aiding you in seamlessly achieving this through our MS365 optimization services, ensuring you maximize cost-effective investments. 

Stay updated and leverage these enhancements to make the most of your Microsoft Teams experience! With AddOn Systems, you have a partner dedicated to optimizing your Microsoft 365 journey. Contact us now to enhance your collaboration and efficiency!