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HAAS Transformation for a 50+ size company in Singapore

Oct 26,2023 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd


AddOn Hosting as a Service (HaaS) Transformation 



This customer is a prominent name in the Singapore business landscape, has long been a frontrunner in the industry. However, like many established enterprises, they faced a critical decision point: the imminent need to upgrade their IT. Facing high capital expenditure requirements for a hardware refresh and software renewal, they sought a more efficient and cost-effective solution to modernize their technology while maintaining a competitive edge.


Client Profile:

Industry: the cultivation of oil palm, processing and marketing of refined palm oil products, property development, property investment, and share investment.

Employees: 50+ 

Challenge: The company's existing IT infrastructure was showing signs of age, leading to suboptimal performance and increased maintenance costs. They were confronted with the challenge of balancing the imperative need for technological transformation with the constraints of a substantial capital investment.


The Solution: In their quest for an innovative yet cost-efficient solution, this customer turned to AddOn, a leading provider of Hosting as a Service (HaaS) solutions. AddOn proposed a comprehensive suite of services that addressed the company's specific pain points. 


HaaS Transformation: AddOn recommended a complete transformation of their IT infrastructure through HaaS. This approach allowed them to shift from traditional hardware ownership to a more agile and cost-effective model.


Comprehensive Solutions: AddOn provided a wide range of HaaS solutions tailored to the company's needs. This included Hardware as a Service (HaaS), Security, Backups, VPNs, and Managed services (Monitoring). The above solution comprises of all the require aspect of collaboration and communications with security and scalability.


  1. Hardware as a Service (HaaS): HaaS allows businesses to lease or rent hardware components, such as computers and servers, instead of purchasing them outright. This can reduce upfront costs and ensure that the organization always has access to up-to-date and properly functioning hardware, enhancing the efficiency of collaboration tools.
  2. Security: Security measures, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption, are essential for protecting sensitive data and ensuring secure communication channels. In the context of collaboration, security measures prevent unauthorized access to shared documents and communication platforms.
  3. Backups: Regular data backups are crucial for business continuity. In collaborative environments, where multiple people work on shared documents and projects, backups ensure that important information is not lost due to accidental deletion or system failures.
  4. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks): VPNs provide a secure way for remote employees to access company resources over the internet. They encrypt communication between the user's device and the company's network, ensuring privacy and security, especially when collaborating remotely.
  5. Managed Services (Monitoring): Managed services, including monitoring tools, allow businesses to oversee their IT infrastructure. This proactive approach helps identify and address issues before they disrupt collaboration tools or communication systems, ensuring smooth operations.



The partnership  yielded impressive results:

  1. Cost Reduction: By eliminating the need for significant upfront capital investment, the company experienced immediate cost savings. Their IT expenses became more predictable and aligned with operational budgets.
  2. Improved Performance: The HaaS solution provided by AddOn led to a substantial increase in system performance and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
  3. Time Savings: The company's IT team was able to redirect their efforts towards innovation and strategic projects, thanks to the offloading of routine IT tasks to AddOn's managed services.
  4. Future-Ready Technology: With AddOn's HaaS, they now had a scalable and adaptable IT infrastructure that could easily accommodate future growth and technological advancements.



AddOn's Hosting as a Service (HaaS) solution proved to be a game-changer for our customer, allowing them to embark on a technology transformation journey without the burden of significant capital investment. The comprehensive suite of services not only reduced costs but also enhanced performance, ensuring they remains competitive in an ever-evolving market.

This success story with AddOn's HaaS demonstrates how innovation and strategic partnerships can lead to cost-effective, efficient, and future-proof IT solutions, ultimately enabling businesses to focus on their core mission and thrive in the digital age.