We provide recruitment process outsourcing in the employment services industry for a contract, temporary or permanent workforce, enabling our clients to outsource the entire recruitment process for permanent and contingent staff to us, so they can focus on other areas of human resources.  By providing solution to manpower management, we evaluate and select suitable manpower with staffing contract according to the needs of our clients. 

Provision of Application Services Provider

As a business that provides computer-based services to customers over a network and a third party application service provider (ASP), AddOn Systems offers clients access over the Internet to applications and related services. The need for ASPs has evolved from the increasing costs of specialized software that have far exceeded the price range of small to medium sized businesses. As well, the growing complexities of software have led to huge costs in distributing the software to end-users. Through ASPs, the complexities and costs of such software can be cut down.

Using a pay-per-use or yearly license basis for applications such as SQL Server, Exchange and Windows 2016 Server, organizations can enjoy specialized applications that otherwise would be expensive to install and maintain within your own company or own computer. 


Virtual Hosting

AddOn Systems provide you with a comprehensive, customized server solution that allows you to focus on core business objectives rather than the day-to-day administration of your server. We offer hosting support system, staffed by knowledgeable technicians. We also provide regular proactive server monitoring, advanced security services, system administration solutions and disaster recovery procedures by providing server clustering, hardware raid, redundant power supplies, and server backups.

Remote Monitoring

An organization’s poor server performance can have negative impact on revenue or end-user satisfaction, stay informed of the server’s capabilities. AddOn Systems offers real time remote monitoring on your systems, server health, equipment availability, upgrades and repairs, capacity constraints, site performance and visitor traffic in a comprehensive reporting and evaluation process.

Call Centre & Helpdesk

AddOn Systems provides on-demand call center designed to meet the performance of your call center operations. Our technologies, hardware, software that supports our robust and scalable tele-services will aid in improving your customer service quality and responsiveness.