Maintenance & Support Services

Systems Administration & Networking

Providing administration for users on local systems, data transfer and network cabling management

    1. Installing application software
    2. Tidying IT premises to ensure clutter free environment
    3. Tuning OS parameters for optimal operation
    4. Providing data management, backup and housekeeping
    5. Optimizing hard disk usage and minimizing wastage of space
    6. Reorganizing directory to ensure structured and east access to data


    1. Supporting and solving network connectivity problems from desktop to network
    2. Managing warranties and licenses maintenance from 3rd party vendors
    3. Ensuring desktop uptime and work on contingency planning
    4. Troubleshooting PCs, notebooks and printers
    5. Reviewing server performance
    6. Hardware preventive maintenance
    7. PC tuning
    8. Providing training for users on hardware usage
    9. Upgrading hardware and installing new hardware 
    10. Documenting network nodes and layout
    11. Documenting desktops and notebooks

Software and Operating System

AddOn Systems is a one stop support and solution center that provides maintenance service with a guaranteed service level in multi-vendor environment. We manage and provide you with experienced engineers to ensure that you obtain superior support services from our technical support and onsite services within a response of maximum 4 hours.

Providing support in solving problems such as MS Office Applications, email messaging, windows and network related and security issues.