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5 ways to automate your HR processes

Before jumping on the bandwagon of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning in transforming the Human Resource processes. Many SMEs have spent too much time and money in transforming their business without knowing what they need. Before embarking on this digital transformation journey, many human resource professionals are responsible in doing administrative matter manually which typically take up lot of their times. As a result, companies have suffered loss of time, data and opportunity cost. The most simple and effective way to save time and cost is to automate the manual processes, which usually take up significant amount of their times.

Here are some of the HRMLABS features that help to automate your HR processes efficiently and effectively.

 1. Payroll

Processing payroll manually by hand has a higher chance of producing errors and often taking hours or even days to be done. Whereas having a digital system which automates payroll calculation will make the process much easier and faster. Moreover, it can automate the tax calculation and enables pay slip release with several clicks.

The digital system allows the company to reduce or even eliminate the unnecessary time wasted on the miscalculation and human errors so that there will be no cases of late payment.

 2. Attendance and Time Tracking

Managing employee attendance without an automated system to record and track can be a very stressful task. Having a digital HR solution can help to solve this problem.

An automated system will record employee attendance in the cloud system so that employees can access and view the attendance record easier. It also enables a timekeeping system where the company can control the working hours. Furthermore, as the timekeeping system is used by the company, it also promotes productivity for the employee to work more efficient.

 3. Employee Scheduling

For labour-intensive industries, especially: Security and Cleaning industry, the workers have unusual shift patterns with high possibility of last-minute changes.

It won’t be challenging with a small number of employees. However, as the number of employees increase over time, it will pose challenges for HR staffs to handle the work schedule and managing the changes.

Digitizing HR solutions, it resolves this problem by automates the employee scheduling and make it easier for HR staff to arrange and change schedule with several clicks away.

4. Leave Request

Traditionally, all leave must be documented by using the Leave Request form. Before requesting paid leave, employees must confirm that the leave to be requested is available by checking the leave balances with the HR department

An employee will then need to fill the form, print it out and hand it to the manager to approve their leave. It often takes a long time to get the approval from the manager who might not be at their desk. HRMLABS had made leave management easy by our online leave management module. Employees can submit leave requests online through the leave system allowing the manager to view all leave requests online and either approve or decline. Our system allows managers to manage large volumes of staff and requests with a few clicks wherever they are.

5.Pay Exemption

HRMlabs allow adjustment made to the payroll payment which include the performance allowance, travel allowance, bonus, incentives, and reimbursement as well as loan or membership fee.

HRMlabs provide flexible and scalable functions to HR Manager to manage employee’s benefits and performance-based rewards. This function let HR Manager to integrate seamless payment and deduction from their payroll.



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