AddOn Systems - Managed Services Illustration

Managed Services

AddOn Systems provide flexible, strategic managed partnership with clients based on their business needs and technology challenges. Ensuring technology uptime for our client's business is key to us. Our managed service allows us to address clients' endpoints proactively, thus preventing downtime before it happens.

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Managed Services

AddOn Systems - Endpoint Management and Network Monitoring in One Services Illustration

Endpoint Management and Network Monitoring in One

Poor system performance and downtime can harm the business revenue and degrade customer satisfaction. Thus, staying informed of the machine's health and its utilization is critical. Using advanced systems and tools, we can quickly connect to our clients to resolve most issues. It reduces downtime as we can reach out to our clients at our fingertips.

AddOn Systems offers real-time remote monitoring on customer's systems, server health, equipment availability, capacity constraints in a comprehensive reporting and evaluation process.

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