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  1. Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry

    The ability of AdeptForms to innovate and revolutionise the workflow processes in a company allows businesses in the cleaning industry to prepare for and meet the requirements set out by the government. The capability to customise forms and the many features that it contains supports daily employee functions while maintaining simplicity. This streamlines operational processes, increases productivity, efficiency and as such adds more value to the company's services.
  2. Revolutionizing Brick-And-Mortar: Creating an In-store Personalized Customer Experience

    modern retail landscape has completely undergone a revolutionary transformation. Varying consumer preferences, shifting trends and the constantly changing consumer buying behaviour are just some factors that influenced this radical event. Consumers now have the option of browsing or shopping on e-commerce platforms, conducting initial research or instigating peer reviews and recommendations before finalizing a purchase.
  3. How to be Future-ready with Adeptforms

    With the Adeptforms apps, private security agency can transform by enhancing your security industry productivity and achieve outcome-based contract for your service buyers digitally. The advantage of using the mobile application has help organisation to improve their workflow processes efficiency, costing and productivity with the seamless connection and interaction.
  4. Safety and Security Asia 2018

    Leveraging on the Solution for Smart Nation Building Exhibition approach, the Security Industry Conference (SIC) 2018 will also be held alongside with this exhibition allowing AddOn to showcase our innovative solutions to the potential prospects.
  5. HP SMB Windows 10 Campaign

    We love to do what’s best for our commercial customers. That is why we are giving you the best deals for HP EliteBook series and HP Probook series!
  6. Huge thanks to COCONUTS for featuring us in their latest online article!

    Thanks to COCONUTS Online News and Lifestyle for Featuring AddOn in their October news! We are so honored to be part of CapitaLand’s “first innovation-focused integrated development” building! As one of the trusted tech brands with local presence for more than 25 years, we are committed build strong strategic relationships with our key partners, so that we are capable to provide end to end IT solutions for our valuable customers. We're still getting the love!
  7. 5 ways to automate your HR processes

    Before jumping on the bandwagon of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning in transforming the Human Resource processes. Many SMEs have spent too much time and money in transforming their business without knowing what they need. Before embarking on this digital transformation journey, many human resource professionals are responsible in doing administrative matter manually which typically take up lot of their times. As a result, companies have suffered loss of time, data and opportunity cost. The most simple and effective way to save time and cost is to automate the manual processes, which usually take up significant amount of their times.
  8. How HRM helps you with PLRD Grading

    Security Agency Grading Exercise (SAGE) was started in 2016 and made mandatory in 2009. The aim of this annual grading exercise is to motivate all licensed security agencies to raise security and service standard while helping customers to differentiate the service quality between agencies. HRMLABS is a human resource system that provides seamless holistic HR solutions to help security companies manage the grading requirements for their yearly PLRD Grading.
  9. How HRM Systems Help Employer of Low-Wage Workers

    Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) is the supplement income and retirement savings of eligible low-wage workers through cash payments and Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions. The eligible low-wage workers have been seeing their income rise above the eligibility criteria which currently stands at not more than S$2,000 gross monthly income. The cash payment which is 40% of the total supplement, will be used to meet their short-term expenditures, whereas the remaining amount will contribute to CPF top-up as retirement savings.
  10. Secrets to Improve Security Industry Productivity

    Gone are the days where security guards using paper and pen to physically record their incident report or visitors’ records. Today, as we are heading towards globalisation and automation, the rise of digital workplace and mobile workforces demand has increased over the past 2 years.