While AddOn Systems help visualize solution from an overall business and technology perspective, we always consider flexible, scalable and adaptable infrastructure that will accommodate future technology enhancements and investments. Our professional services are delivered by resources that are globally deployed to deliver powerful, sustainable, and successful solutions.

System Integration

AddOn Systems covers end to end solutions from consultancy, planning, designing, assessing, integrating, and upgrading platforms, servers, hardware, and data management.

Our value proposition provide for our clients benefits of a streamlined operational efficiency, ameliorated system performance & incrementing productivity in the long run. With a smoother disparate system of interoperation, our clients can be ascertained with a facileness of manageability and maximized total value of infrastructure resources.

Our range of competencies includes:

  • Providing turn-key solution for new start-up offices with end to end solution.

  • Integrating new technologies and business solutions with legacy systems.

  • Integrating disparate systems to improve processes and data utilization.

  • Managing, consolidating, relocation and co-location of IT services.

  • Project management of systems deployments, imaging services & IT auditing.

Cloud Services

AddOn Systems evaluate and provide platforms that best integrate towards your business benefits. From Public Cloud Services, Private Cloud Services, customer owned On Premise to Hosted Environment, or hybrid platform for Business Foundation, Growth, Optimisation, Continuity, Scalability for Productivity and Innovations.

Network Design & Engineering

AddOn Systems evaluate and provide what can best integrate with your existing networks with appropriate design and engineering services. Whether you are seeking efficiencies and increasing bandwidth in existing networks or improving connections and communications for your expanded sites, our certified IT professionals will advise and solve your network issues into smooth operation quickly without compromising on operating and maintenance costs.

Our range of competencies includes:

  • Analysing, designing and installing secured network based on customer requirement.

  • Implementing IP routing, VLAN and secured wireless network.

  • Designing and implementing networking solution from cabling to workstations and servers.

  • Providing troubleshooting, configurations and enable network resilience for business operation efficiency.

Messaging & Unified Communication

AddOn Systems provides customized solutions designed to deploy, integrate and manage your technology environment for communication solutions. We are responsible in developing, hosting, consulting and integrating your mission critical communication and messaging applications.

Our range of competencies includes:

  • Providing messaging, migration, connectivity and co-existence solutions.

  • Consultancy & implementing VOIP, PABX telephony and video conference solution.

  • Delivering hosting and provisioning options for Internet, intranet and extranet collaboration.

  • Deploying email systems, SharePoint solution, database sharing, group calendaring and scheduling.

  • Providing client/server helpdesk, messaging gateway and directory services.

Storage Services

AddOn Systems help you to create a high-performance, flexible solution through designing building, integrating, managing, storing, and delivering data over a variety of networks with bandwidth of unprecedented levels. We provide storage solutions that cost-effectively match your requirements in your organization’s business lifecycle.

Our range of competencies includes:

  • Providing storage architecture & design, consolidation, storage management.

  • Designing reliable backup for data requirements & backup technologies.

  • Planning, assessment and backup of data capacity.

  • Migrating, upgrading systems and protecting your most critical data.

  • Business Continuity.

Security Services

AddOn Systems provides reliable protection against the increasing security issues related to hardware, software, network connectivity, data encryption and other critical technology threats that organizations are facing today. Our end to end management of system security provides you with a total protection in every aspect of enterprise computing and connectivity.

Our range of competencies includes:

  • Implementing multi-vendor firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) management.

  • Protecting organizations against hacker and virus attacks to emails and data.

  • Providing penetration test and ongoing vulnerability assessments.

IT Audit

AddOn Systems provides IT Audit on a comprehensive technical review of your computing platform, or an isolated area of your IT environment. With the right tools and utilities, our professional engineers with gather the desired information, report, validate, review and make recommendations for action plans. An independent assessment of identifying, developing and testing internal controls and procedures in your IT environment helps to avoid potential loss from system or human error.

Our range of competencies includes:

  • Reviewing and recommending computer controls, business processes, information security, data quality, hardware and software asset as well as IT standard operation procedures.

  • IT planning for business continuity, vulnerability review, business applications and change management.