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Responding to an incident or any other security threats reactively will undeniably result in a loss of competitive edge. As a preventive measure, agencies should build on a strategy that reduces and safeguards themselves from such incidences in the future.

The question is then - how do agencies achieve this goal?

The answer to that question? - ‘Technology’. Implementation of the latest technology gives rise to a multitude of possibilities. For instance, a revamped incident reporting platform streamlines mandatory processes while maintaining a high standard of quality. These technologies come in the form of digital solutions, which transforms traditional businesses into tech-savvy organizations. The integration of such solutions allows these security agencies to gain new insights and the ability to analyse trends, hence providing them with information to prepare for and prevent future incidents.

Incident reporting spearheads the initial step of prevention. Security officers report these events through a platform, allowing them to pinpoint a location, trigger a panic alert, take photos for evidence and inform relevant parties immediately through the system. The system then follows-up with a notification in each reporting phase, giving security officers clarity to either respond immediately or provide support to identified areas of incident occurrences.

Such information is extremely beneficial for security officers as it enables them to become more responsive. Additionally, one key advantage is the data collected can be utilized analytically to predict future threats. This is enabled with the cloud – where it is easier to track and access information whenever necessary.

The data stored gives users a holistic view of reports, from the type of incident, where it took place, and even steps taken to resolve the incident. Further analytics can be mapped out from the data collected. For example, understanding where an incident usually occurs or having a clear understanding of what are the common threats, organizations and agencies can then implement preventive countermeasures to tackle such occurrences.

One such solution, AdeptForms, represents the pinnacle in the latest line of technological solutions with such capabilities. AdeptForms also allow such security agencies to prioritize planning for preventive measures against future incidents. It takes into consideration the category of an incident that occurred at an area, resulting in a more efficient and effective operational workflow as well as a better understanding of the factors which contribute to such incidents.

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