Safety and Security Asia 2018

Leveraging on the Solution for Smart Nation Building Exhibition approach, the Security Industry Conference (SIC) 2018 will also be held alongside with this exhibition allowing AddOn to showcase our innovative solutions to the potential prospects. We all know that participating in the trade show exhibition will vaults us into the greater brand and customer awareness to the trade visitors and delegates to know our solutions through face-to-face conversation and live demonstration. Most of the visitors have recognized AddOn as an end-to-end IT solution provider in the market. Thus, this is an exciting opportunity for us to introduce our new products – HrmLabs and Adepforms Solutions during this trade show. It also a networking gateway for us to meet like-minded individuals to establish a deeper and fruitful communication through face-to-face connection with people we met.

Taking advantage of this trade opportunity, we know that in recent years there’s a massive disruptive change in the Security Industry, especially in this current digital era where they automate all the manual processes into mobile and cloud-based platform. The theme for this year’s conference is “The Future of Security: Fiction or Reality?”, which our Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Home Affair, Mrs. Josephine Teo has shared for the future direction of moving toward outcome-based contract and ensure ready to use technology to be incorporated into the contract. The conference has empowered us with the upcoming changes and information for Security Industry direction in 2019.  

Inevitability, the private security industry must transform to uplift the whole industry by adopting technology innovate for the outcome-based contract. That explains why our strategic partner have created HRMlabs and Adeptforms solutions that cater specially for this industry.

AddOn conference

Hrmlabs enable automation from mobile check-in/out app to Human Resource Management for labour- intensive companies. Their attendance is registered at their workplace and it will be recorded automatically into the centralized system via the cloud. By doing so, supervisors can log in to the solution on the web and they are able to check live attendances across all their work sites. They do not need to manually reach out to each site for attendance updates. It also means that supervisors can see if there are any re-deployment of manpower required for each site.

Many other payroll software only partially resolves salary automation and do not cater for future growth or requirements, HRMLABS is a one-stop solution that is configurable and scalable to meet the changing demands of the industry. From attendance taking, leave application to payroll, the full process is covered. It helps clients to reduce time wasted on HR processes and human errors. The user-friendly platform increases the productivity of the organization and supports the mobile workforce

Adeptforms is an innovative way to automate your traditional paper form into e-form with customizable features of drag-and-drop functions. This is totally cost-saving for many local security agencies that allow them to create unlimited forms as well as compliant to the yearly grading exercise.

On top of this, the user can automate form response into data, professional PDF that are easy for sharing and downloadable for future reference as well. By automating paper to paperless workflow processes, it will help the company to reduce the time spent on unnecessary process and improve the company's productivity in the long run. It also speeds up the information distribution that is beneficial to conduct data analysis and gaining greater insight for the decision maker.

Here at AddOn, we believe in making complexity simpler. So, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss what are the challenges that you can be facing and how we can provide ideas that you might be able to implement and achieve your company goal.