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Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry

The Singapore Government recently passed the proposed progressive wage model for the cleaning industry in Parliament during October. Under the Environmental Public Health Amendment Bill, cleaning workers will henceforth receive a mandatory annual bonus of at least two weeks' payment, starting from January 2020. Businesses that do not comply will either be charged or risk losing their license to operate.

This model which was proposed by the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners (TCC), will apply to all cleaners who are Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, and who have worked at the company for at least a year. This model also introduces a collective national effort to raise wages and encourage upgrading of skills within the cleaning industry. Businesses are encouraged to invest in their employees to increase worker productivity. Similarly, employees are expected to work more efficiently.

This initiative further expands the usage of the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) in Singapore. The system automates the waste collection, reducing the need for manual waste collection from every household within Singapore. Therefore, it allows existing workers within the cleaning industry to reassigned to more value-added roles. The system also acts as a buffer milestone for the cleaning industry. By paving the way for companies to follow suit and transform existing services to more innovative ones with technology, both employers and employees will benefit greatly. Employees working conditions and livelihood are improved, and the employers' operational workflow processes are made more efficient and effective.

Companies within the cleaning industry must consider the preparations needed to make this changes before it takes effect from 2020. The operational readiness, steps required and needed to fulfil the bonus pay-outs, adjustments of the company structures to streamline processes and the possibility of investments in technological solutions are some areas of consideration.

The ability of AdeptForms to innovate and revolutionise the workflow processes in a company allows businesses in the cleaning industry to prepare for and meet the requirements set out by the government. The capability to customise forms and the many features that it contains supports daily employee functions while maintaining simplicity. This streamlines operational processes, increases productivity, efficiency and as such adds more value to the company's services. The critical aspect of AdeptForms is the digital and mobile platform that it brings to businesses. It allows procedures to be functional, digitised, mobile and real-time. AdeptForms allow reports and forms to be consolidated onto a single platform, eliminating unnecessary dwell-time, technological complications (AdeptForms has an offline mode) and establishes a seamless line of communication and management.

AdeptForms not only have short-term benefits but long-term as well. E-learning resources and initiatives can be integrated into AdeptForms, hence kick-starting the investment portion of employees. Training materials such as videos and text can be uploaded onto the platform, therefore having an element of mobile-learning. Moreover, the backend can have controlled all of these, and hence there is an element of control present for businesses to utilise.

With all these features said, look no further and call us for details. Let productivity and efficiency takeover. 

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