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PLRD Grading – How hrmlabs has helped its clients improve their grading

The annual Security Agency Grading Exercise (SAGE) started in 2006 and made mandatory three years later, assesses all licensed security agencies based on a checklist of annually revised criteria. Its aim is to raise the overall security and service standards of licensed security agencies. Moreover, it allows consumers to make more informed decisions about their choices as they can discern agencies that invest in training and technology to deliver higher quality services versus those who do not. This assessment period starts from the 1st of June of the previous year to the 31st of May of the current year.

This grading assessment can be divided into three different segments: People, Process and Systems. The three are graded on a score of ‘A’ (Excellent) to ‘D’ (Unsatisfactory). Most recently, the revised criteria included areas such as the progressiveness of human resource policies as part of the assessment. Agencies are required to provide time-sheets and details of their employee’s shift patterns to validate the operational efficiency without the need of long working hours regularly. Agencies are also required to provide documents which depicts that employees are paid basic monthly salaries which are higher than the recommended Progressive Wage Model.

The changes reflect the constantly evolving assessment and commitment to provide consumers with higher quality services – to which security agencies would then ask this question – “how do I as an agency, tackle these ever-changing assessments of SAGE?”

This is where hrmlabs comes into the picture.

Over 200 security agencies participated in the grading exercise and among them, two of our new hrmlabs clients successfully improved their grading from C (Satisfactory) to a B (Good). This improvement shows our dedication to our client’s cause, and how comprehensive hrmlabs is to automate our client’s human resource administrative workflow processes - hence the increase in grade.

 Areas which they have benefited immensely were Overtime Exemption (OTE), Key Employment Terms (KETs) and Sustainable Manpower – all which are within the revised criteria regarding human resource policies. Our clients have not only benefited from meeting and improving the grading requirements of PLDR, but they have also enhanced their productivity and efficiency in the long-term. Other features that were utilized to ensure the optimization of their operations were attendance taking, scheduling, payments, employee records, reporting, training, inventory management and much more.

Curious to know more about how hrmlabs can improve your PLRD grading for the year 2019/2020?

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