How to be Future-ready with Adeptforms

According to statistic, the number of mobile users is increasing as compared to users using the desktop to access information online. Hence, mobile devices have become an essential tool in our daily life.  Thus, many private security agencies have adopted a mobile-friendly platform for their security guards to complete their manual tasks on a digital platform.

Security guard officers could work more effectively with a mobile device on hand because they can communicate with his team members and make security work more seamless by completing their operational tasks such as guard tour, incident reporting, case reporting and doing e-learning, anytime and anywhere effortlessly. These are some of the everyday situations encountered by security officers.

Poor network connectivity

There are occasions whereby the checkpoints NFC tags located in the basements or at the top of the building which can affect the data signal strength, causing a delay in submitting the report. To this end, AdeptForms can change the way of reporting the incidents and patrolling with the help of the mobile app. If they experience a weak or unstable network connection, the data key onto the device will autosave and store in the phone. Once the network is stable, it will push through the report. Adeptforms solution can supports offline usage to the users so that they can continue to carry on with the work.


Adeptforms solution allows the user to upload their in-house training materials onto the mobile application which allows the security guards to learn on-the-go. Management can monitor their participation and learning progress from the app. In this way, both security guards and Management can save time in travelling down to-and-fro the Head office and finding headcount replacement. Moving forward, E-learning has become a must and norm for many companies to keep on the resources and time.

Using mobile application to submit the incident report, after action review report or any form of report anytime and anywhere is a plus point for the security guards in the various job site. Management can receive real-time notification of different job sites situation and inform their service buyers on time. These are the value-added services that Adeptforms solutions can support and deliver.

Ageing Population

Due to the ageing workforce in the Security Industry, many older workers are struggling and having the phobia in using a smartphone.  Hence, Adeptforms allows the user to customise the form template that they are familiar with as well as fulfils the basic requirement for the yearly PLRD. As a result, they will be able to adapt to the usage of smart devices in their daily operation. On top of this, security agencies can add and remove the workflow to their current operation workflow to let their operation staff follow through the mandatory processes and delegating to different users.

Outcome-based Contract

The advantage of using the mobile application has help organisation to improve their workflow processes efficiency, costing and productivity with the seamless connection and interaction. Adeptforms solutions have enabled security agencies to adopt an outcome-based contract because of the flexibility in customising unlimited forms and workflows automation processes. In this way, Management can have a holistic approach to monitor the service quality and processes framework on the forms submitted in real-time as well as continuous improvement on the work performed in the long run.

With the Adeptforms apps, private security agency can transform by enhancing your security industry productivity and achieve outcome-based contract for your service buyers digitally.

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