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"Stay Ahead of the Game in Retail and F&B" - A Workshop by AddOn Systems, 23rd October 2019

That’s a wrap! We would like to thank all who came for this event held at HP’s Customer Welcome Center! We hope that you found the event informative and worthwhile. We would also like to extend thanks to our valued partners, for sharing their expertise and insights which were truly helpful. Do reach out to us should you have further enquiries regarding our solutions’ offerings!

That’s a wrap! We would like to thank everyone who came for the workshop held at HP's Customer Welcome Center. We hope that you've found the event informative and worthwhile.

We would like to extend our thanks to our valued partners: Trakomatic, Butleric, Intellidata and HP for sharing their expertise and insights on their respective fields.
Do keep a look out for our next workshop event on our Facebook page!
Here’s a short summary of what happened during the workshop:

We were honoured by HP Channel Director, Mr Bernard Tan, who gave a welcome introductory speech at our event!

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Ms Constantia Ang, giving a welcome speech at the event. She highlighted the importance of staying ahead of the game in the world of retail businesses and F&B, some of which are initiatives AddOn Systems is working towards - digital transformation and automation leveraging on technology and AI.

Our first speaker is Mr Shaun Kwan, Co-Founder & COO of Trakomatic. He shared about the essence of the entire retail/F&B customer journey experience and the ways to engage/reach out to customers at different touchpoints using video analytics. He also shared how valuable data is to brick and mortar for retail and F&B, and how video analytics can provide such data in order to make more informed business decisions and stay relevant.

Our second speaker is Mr Jun The, Co-Founder & CRO of Butleric. He shared with us the power of using Artificial Intelligence in Point-of-Sales and Butleric's proprietary product, the everyday business SuperApp to engage with consumers. Participants gained a better understanding of Butleric's Solutions and why a traditional Point-of-Sales is no longer relevant in today's world of data-driven analytics and decision-making.

Our third speaker is HP PPS Singapore’s Business Development Manager, Mr Roy Low. He shared with us how HP products can value-add these solutions which are hosted on the cloud. HP's in-build security features protects the BIOS (Where an Anti-Virus Software can't protect). Therefore, all your sensitive data will be protected from external threats. HP products also have an added feature of being more durable and water-resistant. As such, clients can achieve efficiency and ease of use for their operational staff, enhance company’s brand credibility and in-store experience towards customers.

Our fourth speaker is Mr Phua Yee Chin, Regional Director of Intellidata. He shared about RFID and Warehousing Solutions, and compared it to traditional barcode scanning which is till this day, still heavily in use. He shared the benefits, convenience, efficiency and ROI of RFID and its capabilities to solve painstaking problems many clients face in backend standard operational procedures, and how RFID can be applied in many different applications and industries. He shared how Impinj RFID distinguishes itself from other RFID competitors, by being the most accurate RFID solution in the market currently. Intellidata is the master distributor of Impinj RFID for the Region.

To round everything up, our last speaker of the day is from HP Enterprise Financial Services, Regional Partner Manager, Mr Greg Chong. He shared with us several types of financial assistance clients can adopt with HPE. As businesses move towards digitization and increase operational efficiency, clients need to be aware of budgeting constraints for such implementations, and how HPE Financial Services can be their partner for an alternative financing method – Lease to Own or Lease to Return.