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Digital Solutions

  1. Wecloming Lenovo's Global Executive Directors

    On 19th November 2019, we welcomed Lenovo’s Global Executive Directors to the only Flagship Store in Singapore and walked through with them the entire customer journey for Lenovo customers.
  2. "Stay Ahead of the Game in Retail and F&B" - A Workshop by AddOn Systems, 23rd October 2019

    That’s a wrap! We would like to thank all who came for this event held at HP’s Customer Welcome Center! We hope that you found the event informative and worthwhile. We would also like to extend thanks to our valued partners, for sharing their expertise and insights which were truly helpful. Do reach out to us should you have further enquiries regarding our solutions’ offerings!
  3. Local SMEs can now enjoy 70% support funding for Human Resource Management Systems - HRMLabs

    Congratulations to HRMLabs for being awarded by Infocomm Media Development Authority (iMDA) as a pre-approved digital solution under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)!
  4. PLRD Grading – How hrmlabs has helped its clients improve their grading

    The annual Security Agency Grading Exercise (SAGE) started in 2006 and made mandatory three years later,
  5. Digitizing Operations for Security Agencies

    Patrolling is a core functionality for security agencies with security guards. Hence, ensuring that patrols are done efficiently and effectively are one of the key goals of any security organization.
  6. Trusted Solutions for Security Companies

    Responding to an incident or any other security threats reactively will undeniably result in a loss of competitive edge. As a preventive measure, agencies should build on a strategy that reduces and safeguards themselves from such incidences in the future. The question is then - how do agencies achieve this goal?
  7. Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry

    The ability of AdeptForms to innovate and revolutionise the workflow processes in a company allows businesses in the cleaning industry to prepare for and meet the requirements set out by the government. The capability to customise forms and the many features that it contains supports daily employee functions while maintaining simplicity. This streamlines operational processes, increases productivity, efficiency and as such adds more value to the company's services.
  8. Revolutionizing Brick-And-Mortar: Creating an In-store Personalized Customer Experience

    modern retail landscape has completely undergone a revolutionary transformation. Varying consumer preferences, shifting trends and the constantly changing consumer buying behaviour are just some factors that influenced this radical event. Consumers now have the option of browsing or shopping on e-commerce platforms, conducting initial research or instigating peer reviews and recommendations before finalizing a purchase.
  9. How to be Future-ready with Adeptforms

    With the Adeptforms apps, private security agency can transform by enhancing your security industry productivity and achieve outcome-based contract for your service buyers digitally. The advantage of using the mobile application has help organisation to improve their workflow processes efficiency, costing and productivity with the seamless connection and interaction.
  10. Safety and Security Asia 2018

    Leveraging on the Solution for Smart Nation Building Exhibition approach, the Security Industry Conference (SIC) 2018 will also be held alongside with this exhibition allowing AddOn to showcase our innovative solutions to the potential prospects.