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What are the consequences of using CSP backup and recovery tools?

Aug 31,2023 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd

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Source: 2022 Research Report on Securing Your Enterprise in a Multi-Cloud Environment. 

When an enterprise experiences a ransomware attack, they are better positioned to prevent or mitigate data loss, avoid paying ransoms and minimize downtime and business disruption if they are following best practices for backup, data protection and disaster recovery. This includes measures such as having a “3-2-1” backup strategy – one primary backup and two additional copies of their data, using at least two different storage mediums, with at least one copy offsite. Other measures include frequent disaster recovery rehearsals and comprehensive data protection for containers and even for SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, Slack and Box.
But organizations that base their data protection strategy around the CSP tools from their provider appear to be paying a heavy price. Among manufacturing respondents, 32% use CSP tools “all of the time” compared to 48% globally. More frequent use of CSP tools is also associated with more operational downtime related to outages, application failures, human error, and even natural disasters. 

Areas where manufacturing organizations were adversely impacted by ransomware attacks on data it holds in cloud environments include exposure of sensitive data/information (41%), permanent/temporary loss of data (30%), financial lossransom payments (21%) and damage to reputation (24%).

Among manufacturing respondents, 32% use CSP tools “all of the time” compared to 48% globally.

How aware are IT leaders of the dangers of using CSP cloud security, 
backup and recovery offerings?

A strong majority of manufacturing IT leader respondents (67%) said they “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” with the statement that “the current offerings from public cloud service providers fall short of my organization’s security needs.”
Additionally, in a separate question, 66% of manufacturing respondents agreed that relying solely on CSP backup and recovery tools puts their organization at risk.
Despite this awareness, built-in backup and recovery offerings remain the top option for backing up public cloud data.