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Cyberattacks on manufacturing were up.

Aug 31,2023 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd

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Source 2022 Research Report on Securing Your Enterprise in a Multi-Cloud Environment. 

Like their global counterparts, many manufacturing organizations rely heavily on standard backup and recovery tools available from their public cloud service provider (CSP). These tools, while functional in scope and cost-effective at the outset, offer little more than a basic level of visibility, support and protection against the volume and complexity of ransomware attacks, data theft and application outages that occur in the cloud. Consequently, organizations are placing their operations – and their customers – at serious risk.
Until these organizations reassess their reliance on CSP backup solutions and pivot to more robust third-party protection, they remain vulnerable to costly assaults on their business that inevitably cause permanent data loss, significant downtime, declines in revenue and compliance issues – all of which result in irreparable damage to their reputation. 

Recent Cyberattacks on Manufacturing Companies Despite a substantial increase in cyber security defense spending, around 51 percent of manufacturing companies experienced cyberattacks on their cloud infrastructure over the last year.

Studies show that there has been a 33 percent increase in manufacturing cyberattacks over the previous year, of which 44 percent occurred because companies didn’t have their patch management in order.