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Enabling a seasoned engineer company in Singapore & Malaysia

Nov 01,2023 | AddOn Systems Pte Ltd

Streamlining Business Operations with AddOn Systems

Industry: Engineering

Employees: 30+ Services Provided: Incident-Based Services, Hardware & Endpoint Solutions

The Challenge: Eliminating the Need for an In-House Engineer Team

For the past two decades, a valued partner has been working with AddOn Systems, collaborating on numerous projects. The partnership began with AddOn Systems providing incident-based services, and they have also acquired hardware and endpoint solutions. However, they faced a significant challenge: they did not want to maintain an in-house engineer team to manage their endpoints.

The Solution: Incident-Based Services for Worry-Free Operations

AddOn Systems stepped in to address the concern. With their incident-based services, the customer was able to focus on what matters most - taking care of their sales and business growth - without worrying about the reliability of their hardware and endpoints.

Incident-Based Services: AddOn Systems offered incident-based services, a comprehensive solution that took the burden of endpoint management off their shoulders. This service ensured that the hardware and endpoints remained in optimal condition, allowing them to operate smoothly without the need for an in-house engineering team.

The Results: Satisfying Their Needs

The customer has expressed their satisfaction with AddOn Systems' services, primarily due to two critical factors:

Prompt Response: AddOn Systems' team has consistently provided quick responses to service requests. This timely support has helped them avoid prolonged disruptions and maintain smooth operations.

Skilled Engineers: The customer has consistently received positive feedback for the engineers provided by AddOn Systems throughout their long-term partnership. These engineers have played a pivotal role in ensuring that their hardware and endpoints remain efficient and reliable.


Expanding the Reach: Serving Singapore and Malaysia Teams

AddOn Systems has gone above and beyond by extending their services to both Singapore and Malaysia teams. This geographical reach ensures that the customer receives consistent and reliable support across multiple locations, contributing to their overall satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Conclusion: Transforming Backend Operations with a Care-Free Mentality

This partnership serves as an excellent example of how a business can streamline its operations and focus on its core activities without being concerned about the backend. AddOn Systems' incident-based services have transformed the way the company operates, providing them with a care-free mentality as they entrust the management of their hardware and endpoints to the experts. This case study exemplifies how AddOn Systems' services can lead to worry-free, efficient operations and business growth. It underscores the significance of strategic partnerships in allowing companies to thrive by delegating technical concerns to trusted partners and focusing on their core competencies.